Peter went above and beyond the call of duty and scheduled me for an emergency appointment on Christmas Eve when I was having a painful ear wax problem. He was extremely professional and ensured I was comfortable at all times. I had a very persistent wax problem but Peter’s patience and expertise sorted out the problem after many years of ear wax trouble.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.


Peter saw me on the same day that I called and solved a problem in 15 minutes that my GP had suggested would take weeks. He was thoroughly professional, explained everything and showed me how the technology worked with pictures of the inside of my ears !  I had no discomfort at all and the results were instantaneous. A fantastic service that I would recommend without reservation


I had been suffering with complete deafness in my right ear for two weeks, and a trip to my GP confirmed that both my ears were full of wax, but no syringing was offered; only a course of antibiotics in case I had a sinus infection. I was becoming desperate and depressed with my condition, and I found Peter by searching for a local private syringe service. Less than two days later, I have been treated by Peter, with a combination of endoscopic suction and syringing. My ears are completely clear of wax and I can hear properly for the first time in years. I cannot recommend Peter’s service highly enough – he has performed a miracle. An absolutely fascinating, pleasant and enjoyable experience. Many thanks!


I would definitely recommend Peter Byrom if you are having problems with ear wax. I went deaf in my left ear with numbness and pain in my head and had been like this for two weeks unable to get a doctors appointment for another two weeks! I rang a freephone number (from the internet) and they put a call through to Peter as he was the nearest location to me. Peter rang and saw me the same day. He explained everything before he started the treatment. I had micro suction and syringing.  I left very happy being able to hear, numbness and pain gone.


I cannot recommend Peter highly enough. Trying to get this problem sorted through the doctor’s surgery takes time and a lot of needless messing about with olive oil and a long wait to be seen. I got an appointment easily and Peter cleared my ears painlessly and quickly.

It’s horrible and uncomfortable not being able to hear through blocked ears.

Peter explains everything, is very nice and very through. I only wish that I’d known about him before and am very relieved this service exists. I will go straight to him if this happens again with absolutely no hesitation.


I was suffering with 2 blocked ears, it was going to be quite a wait to get this cleared up going through my GP surgery. I found Peter on the Internet and called to see if he could help and got an appointment that evening.

Peter was very friendly and explained the procedure before starting. The procedure was straightforward  and painless and both ears were unblocked in less than 30 mins.

I found the technology very interesting and would have no problem recommending Peter to anyone needing treatment.

ian a

Got the appointment within half an hour. The removal process was done within 15 minutes. Peter also explain possible problems that I may have as there was still some pressure in my ears. He recommended a few options which were really helpful.

Chee T

I had been suffering with a blocked ear for over a month. My local NHS clinic couldn’t solve the problem. So I turned to Peter. He managed to clear the ear out in no time. Wouldn’t hesitate to use him again

Andy J